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Missoula Saws, Inc. and Saw Performance, Inc. saw products and sharpening services

We help a variety of companies by supplying them with sharpening equipment. Some of these companies include sawmills, cabinet shops, home hobby woodworkers, and wood secondary markets. We will either sharpen their saws and equipment or supply them with new saws. If we sharpen their equipment, its like buying a brand-new saw or knife.

Missoula Saws and its second facility, Saw Performance located in Columbia Falls, MT, stock and service the most common cutting tools wanted by customers.  We offer new saws and blades for purchase, services for sawmills, and offer expert repair and sharping to keep your current blades performing. A resharpened cutting tool is as good or better than when it was new and sharpening a tool can save you money in the long run insuring you do not have to replace a saw or blade or knife as often. Sharpening a tool helps the effectiveness, durability, and performance of that tool.  But we also offer a full range of popular industrial saw products and related products as well as services to sawmill businesses.

Our typical customers are companies that use or sell these tools on an everyday basis. Potential customers should have confidence in Missoula Saws and Saw Performance due to our incredible reputation and over 50 years of experience in this industry. We’re a family-owned and operated business that was established in 1965. We are a member of the Timber Products Manufacturers Association.

If we don’t have a particular product that you’ve been looking for, we can order it for you. We also provide shipping and delivery services. You can trust our technicians if you require sawmill services or saw repairs. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you what you want. 

When you want or need to buy a new industrial or commercial saw, please visit Missoula Saws Inc. or our convenient 2nd location Saw Performance Inc. We have a variety of saws and saw-related products. Visit us today!

Missoula Saws Inc.

Our Services

Our full-time staff serves sawmills throughout the Pacific Northwest. Your satisfaction is guaranteed whenever you choose our services. Visit us here in Missoula or our Saw Performance Inc, Columbia Falls location.

Superior Industrial Saws

You can count on Missoula Saws and Saw Performance for all your industrial saw-related needs. With locations in Missoula and Columbia Falls, our family-owned business…

Sawmill Services by Missoula Saws, Inc. and Saw Performance, Inc.

Sawmill Services

In today’s tough lumber market the bottom line is as important as ever. If you’re looking for complete value when it comes to sawmill services, choose Missoula Saws and Saw Performance.

Commercial Saw Sharpening by Missoula Saws, Inc. and Saw Performance, Inc.

Commercial Saw Sharpening

Buying a new blade is not always the best option. Make the smart and more affordable choice by bringing your saws to us for expert repair and sharpening. 


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